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i love every thing!!!!!!!!
This is what you should learn to expect from the SHSL Ultimate Fanatic ^w^



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I only put that content tag on it because I wasn’t sure how everyone would feel about the gore! But it your fine with it, go ahead and click it!!
^w^ I’m pretty happy with this one.
5 deviations
Uno and Mozart
This is Uno(nanbaka) and Mozart(classicaloid)!!!! After seeing both anime’s I knew they won’t be a perfect pair!!! XD they share so many many traits!!!! X3 it’s perfect.
Minori Fuse
Alias:  ??? Unknown.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual. (takes an interest in guys tho)
Bloody Type: AB
Height: 5'3
Weight:  97lb
Birthday: July 9
Zodiac: Cancer/Snake
Side: Hero
Occupation: First-Year, UA student.
Quirk: Multi-Task
Unusual Features: She looks like a cat, though she does not have the abilities of them. (aside from better balance, because if you have a tail, it's kinda unavoidable)
Nationality: Japsanese
Ethnicity: Japanese-British/caucasion (mother is British)

Personality: Minori is a bit childish and playful, though she can be extremely serious when needed, even if it doesn't seem like it. She likes doing her own thing, and learning about anything that peaks her interest. Though she has a slightly bellow average memory, due to her often accidents with floors, doors, chairs, beds, walls and lockers. But this does not stop her! She can be a bit shy at times, but she really does love to help out and hang out with other people.

History: The household she grew up in was pretty normal. Middle class, average income went to and from school. Basically, she grew up normal, though at least for a while, a short while in her past she was a walking box of depression, and enjoyment(?). You see, her father was a nerd, in short, and worked on computers. But whenever she asked for help with her math homework, you see, he'd tell her how to do it, differently from the teacher. She objected to this of course, but he didn't care, he wanted it done his way. So he'd get angry. This of course bothered her quiet a bit, and the only thing that kept her afloat at this time was her interest in anime. And her heavy interest in the hero industry. Though when she neared high school she took a complete 180, realizing- Who Gives A Shit?! and turned into an outgoing person who does anything, enjoys having fun, doesn't care what people think, and planned on becoming a great hero!! Basically she started ignoring her father overall. (well, whenever she could.) (Actually past his anger issues and immaturity, her father wasn't half bad, and would take her to conventions.)

Likes: reading, writing, drawing, cats, tuna, obsessing over her obsessions(too many to list), snakes, brainstorming.

Dislikes: waiting, doing what she doesn't want to do, people she finds annoying, fatty meat, mushrooms,

Father: Cat quirk
Mother: Hand replication

Quirk: Multi-task

Multi task allows the user to make up to 10 replications of their own body parts. The limbs will float and fly about under her control. He can also split her her own arms off and use them as well. She can use her own replicas to make herself float or to spy.

if a limb is carried off she will feel a a tug that gets stronger the farther away it is, and she can use it to track people.


-Any damage done to them will still effect her. (Aka, they will hurt)

-the damage will only heal if she keeps the quirk active and they heal much slower. If something like an eye is turned into a smear on a wall it can from a week to a month to reappear.

-anything that happens her actual body will remain until healed.

-her replicas will tire if she's, let's say, floating around on them, the same way as they would if she was carrying her herself.

-she cannot retract a limb if it is outside of a half mile radius, and she cannot add on to it either.

Ex: walked off with hand over half a mile away. She cannot add an eye to it to see what's happening, and she cannot make the hand go away.

-The replicated limbs are naturally weaker. But the replicates limbs could always work our and become stronger. But they'll only be as strong as 75% of the original limb.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Bugs. BUGS!(she absolutely fears bugs, aside from butterflies), can't swim, can be cowardly, selfish, hypocritical, unintentionally offensive, picky, forceful(with her interests), a little on the crazy side. just a little.

Fighting style:  She loves both close combat, and staying far away, literally throwing her punches, because that's fun, and less dangerous! (she reeeeally likes close combat though. Also running about)

Stats: (17)
intelligence: 3
speed: 2
strength: 3
durability: 2
stealth: 2
stamina: 1
quirk control: 4

Total: 17/20!!
Focus: Battle(and a little of the other two on the side. because why just choose one!! that's her motto!)

Hobbies: source; [see trivia number two, it will explain all.]

-She is obsessed with anime.
-She does a little bit of everything(not necessarily well) as she goes through little phases of interests. 
      - The phases she's gone through range from lock picking and sports, to beekeeping and jam making. and much more!
-She once bit her father. It didn't end well.
-Yes. She does watch yaoi. and she doesn't care to hide that fact either.
-She absolutely loves soda, almost any soda (and faygo)
-Always is up for a good old AU. and writing fanfiction. and roleplaying.
-Is actually somewhat afraid of dogs. (specifically when they bark at her)
-Favorite color is green.
-She likes to collect jars.
-She may not act like it, but she is a crybaby. She is hurt easily, but h=will keep it to her self until she forgets about it, or until she is alone. Alone,/at home.


Timezone: uuuuhhhh whatever the Illinois one is (i could never make sense of them, especially when /i look them up)
Method: Discord, official rp sites.
Format: Semi-literate
Rating, i can tolerate, but try to avoid script roleplayers at all costs.

First off, hey guys! look at this! I just made a journal entry!! (say whaaaaat?!) XD

and anyways on to business.
vv        all of y'all you take a look at this cool raffle down here.   vv

Its mighty damn cool.

I am currently creating a character (kinda like my Valentine Boy, except not a holiday). A. Hug Monster!!!! Just saying ahead of time, I hope you all love their precious heart as much as I do!! (their so cute!! and duude. every body needs a hug sometimes!! or ya' know. all the time!!)
  • Listening to: The sounds of dying humans
  • Reading: Simon vs the homosapian agenda
  • Watching: Hikyuu!!
  • Playing: doki doki literature club
  • Eating: pizza!!!
  • Drinking: Some damn good AJ


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